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I've been trying to get into the whole podcast thing... I've realised it's a very nice thing to listen to when you're weaving and I quickly got hooked on one called Serial. I finished the first season in less than a week! However the second season didn't quite catch my interest in the same way so I downloaded a podcast app but I have to say, I'm finding it rather difficult to find something I want to listen to. It's all people just sitting around talking about different subjects, more or less informative and educational, is that it? It's nice and all, I've found a couple that are really interesting and funny but I'm still a little bit confused about it. I suppose I'll get into it, I'm starting to find why it's become so popular. 


Other than that, I'm feeling super ready for autumn to be here now. I want layered clothes, an almost ridiculous amount of tea, the beautiful colours outside and books! I don't know why but books are very autumnal to me and so I thought I'd challenge myself for this first autumn month of the year. I've been finding it hard to find peace to sit down and read for a while now and it's bothering me, I love reading! So to motivate myself and to get back into the habit of reading, I will try to read at least three books this month. Maybe four books since there are some half read ones in my pile right now. Either way, the goal is three books and that may not be much at all to some people and it may be a lot to others but to me, that is a realistic number of books for a month.


I will also, during the month of September, put some things on my walls and (hopefully) get some curtains as well as some fairy lights into my room. This week I'm gonna try and find a stick that I can start drying apples on, both because it looks really nice and because it smells amazing! It's an autumnal and cosy smell that I just love. Autumn will be here very soon, it will be lovely, cosy and beautiful and I'm looking forward to it. Now I will go on to making this evening a cosy one, starting with some baked beans and toast with a cup of oatmilk hot chocolate.


Love always,


4 sep 2016

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