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An Abundance of Moments


Let's take a moment.


I've got so many moments now! Taking a moment has been an impossibility for so long and now I've got nothing but moments. Which is leading me to want to take on A LOT in school. I don't just want to have one or two projects in weaving, I want to do four or five! But I'm not quite there yet. So I have an abundance of moments. I probably shouldn't take on too much in school, but having time to not just get by in a class but actually being ableto go above and beyond (not necessarily in results but at least in ambition) is so great! I haven't been able to do that in a very long time. I've struggled so much for the past four or five years and for the first time, I'm not struggling.




Taking a moment is so valuable. Doing nothing is the hardest thing. So take a moment by doing something unrelated to school or work, baking perhaps or reading a book purely for pleasure. Difficult tasks, yes, but oh so valuable. Some people make exercise their "moment". Letting go of all the go of all the thoughts and pressures of everyday life is my definition of taking a moment so as long as I manage to do that, I feel that I can say that I've successfully taken a moment to myself. Yesterday my moment was being spent on a tiny little beach where I've never been before. I forgot my book so I had nothing to do but to stare at the lake, listen to the shallow waves and write a little bit. It was so very peaceful, as far from stressful as I could get which was exactly what I needed. This year I'm doing for me. To not be stressed. With that, I don't mean I won't ever stress off to catch the bus or to a class or that I won't ever stress over finishing something but I won't be stressed. I will try my very best not to stress in my heart and soul.


This post is a little bit generic but I wrote these thoughts down yesterday whilst on the beach and wanted to share them. Next time I will be talking about some things I've been up to more in terms of living organically as a student. 


Love always,


11 sep 2016

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