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Creative, healthy and natural living. I'm working on being as organic as possible, in all senses of the word


I feel like I've been sewing like a crazy person! I spent two weeks making a pair of trousers and a bomber jacket for an application so I had a deadline and put everything else aside and I was so stressed to get these clothes finished. Which I did! I finished them and then a lovely friend of mine came out at 8 am on a rainy, misty Thursday morning to photograph me wearing the clothes. I wanted the pieces photographed on me since they are tailored to my body and she did an amazing job so I thought I would share some of these photos here.


These trousers are made in a hand woven wool fabric that my great grandmother made.

This jacket is made from some old curtains that I got from one of my classmates last term.


Photography by Fanny Sjödahl

8 apr 2017

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