Elviras Bloggings and Art

Creative, healthy and natural living. I'm working on being as organic as possible, in all senses of the word

About me



My name is Elvira and I tend to press the middle of the toothpaste tube. Yeah. I'm that person. I also tend to think a lot, for example about why we always feel the need to present ourselves by saying what we do for a living or where we're from, etc and not a simple little thing as I dropped a glass this morning.


For the sake of presentation though, I am a 21 year old culture student from Sweden, lover of woolly socks and christmas. Last year I spent studying textilesin Vadstena, Sweden, and the year before that, I studied art in London, UK, so art and culture is a big part of my life and a huge interest of mine. I am also very interested in alternative and healthy living, which I will be blogging about here.


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